Soccer Power Shot Technique | Start Crushing The Ball Accurately!

We’re going over soccer power shot technique in this video. We’re gonna be showing you how to shoot a soccer ball with power and accuracy. We’re gonna be going over a few of the different techniques that you can use and how to learn and practice each one of these techniques. Being able to shoot the ball both hard and accurately, either from distance or closer towards the goal is a very valuable skill that will help you create more chances and score more goals in your matches.

In this video, I want to give you some examples of the different types of techniques you can use in order to have a power shot, and I’m also going to break down how each one of them works so that you can start practicing them and start learning the techniques. So the first thing I want to mention about technique is it will depend sometimes on the size of your foot. So for example, I have size-12 feet, meaning I need to actually angle my foot slightly when I try and hit the ball with my laces.

Players with smaller feet don’t always have to angle their foot and can usually hit the ball more dead-on with their foot. But if you were like me with bigger feet, you can’t do that because your foot would hit into the ground if you tried to hit it dead-on. So if you do have bigger feet, practice angling your foot slightly in order to get power on your shots. (techno music) Now although there are slight variations in technique, they all have a similar purpose in mind, and that purpose is to get good connection on the ball. (techno music) So the general idea behind each technique is to hit the center of the ball, or close to the middle, which will prevent there being much spin, and it will prevent the ball from going too high or too low.

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Each technique requires you to also lock your ankle, which is just going to help you hit the ball harder. It’s also going to make sure you hit the ball more sweetly as well. For most techniques, you’re also going to want to have your plant foot facing in the direction you’re aiming. If you try and aim in one direction, but you have your plant foot aiming in the opposite direction, it’s gonna be really difficult to be accurate. (techno music) Next is swing speed and your follow through. (techno music) This is where the slight variations in technique appear. There are different types of follow throughs and how fast you swing your foot for different techniques. (techno music) For example, there are follow throughs where you take a longer time and land on your kicking foot, and then there are follow throughs where you don’t land on your kicking foot at all, and you stay planted with your plant foot. There are also techniques like Ronaldo’s shooting technique, where he takes a very quick swipe. I found that each technique has its own place and that it’s really good to learn more than one because in certain situations you might find that you’re more comfortable using one technique over another. (techno music)

For example, when I need to turn and shoot quickly, I find using the quick, swiping technique much more effective than just keeping my foot planted or trying to do a long, drawn-out swing. Experiment with all of these techniques and figure out which one you’re more comfortable with first so you can figure out what your default power shot technique is. And then play around with the other techniques so at least you know how to do them, just in case a situation arises where you need it. Obviously, to get any of these techniques down, you need to practice, practice, practice. And there’s many ways to do this. You can of course just shoot on net, but I think there are many more effective and efficient ways to practice your power shooting. (techno music) Now, if all you have is a net, one thing you can do is simply get closer to the net and practice your technique over and over and over again. Now this doesn’t need to be a soccer net.

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If you can’t find a soccer net, you can really find anything else that you can shoot against where it allows you to retrieve the ball very quickly. That being said, my favorite surface to shoot against is a wall because this allows the ball to come right back to you, reset, and shoot again, come back to you, reset, and shoot again. I find this allows you to work on your shooting technique more, you get in more repetitions, and it’s overall just more efficient because you’re not chasing the ball down if you miss, and you don’t have to keep on collecting your balls. (techno music) It also has the added advantage of you only needing one ball to do this. This way, you don’t need to have a bag of balls; you can just have one football, go to a wall, and practice your shooting. (techno music)

So guys, if you really wanna get good at your power shot technique, which I recommend you do; it’s a great technique to be able to do, get on out there, and start practicing. Again, a wall is ideal, but use anything you can. You’ve seen me shoot against four or five different places in this video, and I did that to show you that regardless of where you live, regardless of what you have around you, you can find a place to practice your shooting. (techno music) Alright guys, thank you so much for watching. Please like this video if you enjoyed this content, and also please share this video if you wanna help support the channel and make sure as many players as possible see this video. And if you are new to Simply Soccer, please consider hitting that subscribe button as we release videos like this every single week designed to help you improve as a footballer.

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Please work on your shooting. The more you practice these techniques, the more you get out there and start shooting against the wall, a net, or something else, deliberately working on these techniques, the better at this you’re going to get. I am gonna put two videos on the screen now that will help you to learn and improve even more, and make sure you check out the description because I’m gonna have some videos that are related to this one, like how to lock your ankle in soccer that are going to help you even more with your shooting technique. Once again guys, thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video.

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