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whether you call it soccer football today we’re going to talk about how to run faster how to get faster and how to increase your speed so you can be more effective on the field before we start this video number one it’s really windy out here I do have my microphone on it I hope it’s going to do the job but if you’re having trouble hearing what I’m saying because of the wind just click that closed caption or subtitled link on this video and it will give you the text for the words that I’m saying so you can follow along number 2 I’m really sick I can’t even talk I sound a bit ridiculous and I was actually trying to do this video by myself yesterday and i couldnt breathe and talk at the same time but I was training one of the players they train today Marco so he’s going to help me with the demonstration and I’m gonna talk while he demonstrates what I want you guys to focus on now before we get into exactly how to get faster I want to say if you’ve ever been told speed is all about genetics and you can’t do anything to increase your speed that’s absolute BS anyone who’s ever told you that is either misinformed themselves or they are trying to hold you back because they don’t want to see you get faster than them believe me if you follow this advice and information you will become faster so to learn how to get faster I’ve broken it down into four areas number one we’re going to talk about is your mentality like always number two is your technique you’re running or Sprinting technique number 3 is the muscle memory triggering or training your muscles to trigger faster with more power and number four is developing strength and power we will go into more detail about all of those but those are the four things that are gonna help you become a faster player so the first thing we are going talk about is mentality and what i mean by this is if you want to become faster you actually have to learn to push yourself faster with your mind you will become faster instantly by learning to do this, what do I mean by that.

Every  time you go to sprint you have to try to push yourself faster than you’ve ever gone. I know it sounds weird but I want you to play with it because most of us don’t realize actually how fast we can go! If you can learn to push yourself harder with your mind, pump your arms harder, pull your legs faster, with your mind you will be faster instantly. let’s talk about sprinting technique if you can make these three changes I talk about today you will feel a lot faster but it’s not gonna come right away the first time you do it it’s going to feel awkward but if you keep thinking about how this may be more effective for me and keep adding it every time you sprint then you’re gonna see the results it’s all about consistency and all about working with these ideas ok so Marco is going to demonstrate proper sprinting technique for us us the first thing I want you think about is staying lower to the ground most of us when we are sprinting are up here, it’s tough to generate power especially when you are starting if you want to accelerate quicker get lower to the ground stay lower to the ground for your first couple strides and think about having your upper body in front of your lower body if I’m sprinting like this, it’s tough to get speed. If I’m sprinting like this my forward momentum will make me go faster.

Demonstrate one for us Marco push push push push push push push good and come back you can see his upper body is over his lower body and I want you to do one more but really try to stay lower to the ground lower to the ground, start lower lower lower lower good everything is going forward, pumping hard, forward momentum keeping lower the ground if I’m lower to the ground I can generate more power next time you’re at the field just feel your leg when you’re down here it’s strong theres more power here. If I’m up here I can’t generate as much power.

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So stay lower to the ground especially when you’re starting. ok second thing I think about is actually generating more power with your stride especially those first couple strides so when you’re planting your foot don’t just pick your foot up think about putting your cleats in the ground and pushing yourself forward make those first especially four strides really powerful so Marco is really good at that he’s going to demonstrate one more time first thing again he’s staying now he’s pushing pushing pushing good and you can see the power in each stride legs pumping pushing himself forward so think about actually, with your cleats the balls of your feet grabbing the ground and pushing it behind you if you do this you will generate more power and you will run quicker last thing I wanna talk about with technique is your arm movement some of us we run weird especially younger kids, something like this one arm does this, one arm does that, k you want to think about going forward.

Check to check. my face cheek to my butt cheek something like that I want to talk about is the power in the strides the harder you pump your arms the faster your legs will have to go to keep up and you’ll generate more speed because you’re producing more forward momentum If I’m running like this, this is lateral movement I’m slowing myself down but if I pump everything forward you’re going to generate more speed. Ok Marco do one more for us. Stay really low, Grab that ground, Pump those arms. Good. And you can see the power in his arms. actually gonna add a link in the description of this video and it’s a documentary on sprinting technique now the documentary is actually in French so unless you speak French you’re not going to be able to understand it but what I want you to look at is there some slow motion of Olympic sprinters and how they run if you can learn from them you’re gonna have a lot better idea of how to run faster and how to increase speed let’s quickly recap we’ve gone through so number one you got that right mentality you’re always trying tp push yourself harder and faster and you believe that you can get faster next you’re working on improving your technique so those 3 thins we talked about you want to try to do those every time you sprint next I want to talk about training your legs, training your muscles to trigger faster. some of us get to the field and we try to sprint but there is no power in our legs.

That’s because you haven’t trained your legs to trigger that quickly if you look at Olympic sprinters or football running backs there always working on these quick feet drills and explosive sprints so if you want to be faster you actually have to practice and you have to build the muscle memory in your legs so it remembers every time you get on the field and it’s time to sprint you do it quickly you do it with power you do it with explosiveness ok so first thing you should be practicing is just sprinting so Marco is going to do 1 sprint he’s gonna come from a standstill on the ground yep and for example he would just about 30 yards. Marco go ahead.

Yep. Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump. because that’s really where your speed starts it’s easy to keep yourself going fast its harder to get yourself going fast so if you can become really good at starts then you’re going to have a lot of speed in the long run it for those long distance sprints ok so what I would recommend is you can practice just starts 10 repetitions a day in a week you’ll feel a lot faster you’ll feel a lot more comfortable spriting some other stuff you can do for example ladders but just like like pushing yourself in the sprints you need to push yourself in the ladders.

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Okay so Marco is going to do zigzag quick feet his arms are going boom and then after the ladder I always like to end with the sprint convert it to a game situation explosive speed  so what do you do if you don’t have a ladder well you can do the exact same drills and if you need ladder drills go to my channel and search ladder agility drills and you’ll get a video with a bunch of different exercises if you don’t have a ladder no problem Marco why don’t you do the exact same exercise without a ladder good quick feet quick feet quick feet and once he gets out boom explode explode explode good okay always pushing yourself all the things we talked about technique forward momentum get your upper body ahead of your lower body powerful strides really pushing that ground behind you pumping the arms nice and hard okay so if you want to become faster you actually have to practice running faster you have to actually moving your feet faster if you practice that on a consistent basis you will become a faster player.

Finally if you want to become faster you have to develop stronger more powerful legs now I’ve seen lots of people on comments or in my discussion groups saying lifting weights is bad it’s gonna make the slow that is not true if you’re playing soccer every day and you’re practicing the sprinting techniques that we talked about before and you’re lifting weights you’re going to become faster why your legs are going to become stronger more powerful they can produce more power when it’s time to push off the ground and accelerate yourself forward you’ll be able to generate more power and you will be able to run faster so anyone who’s ever told you that is lying to you or they’re just too lazy to put in the work themselves and they don’t want to see you get faster than them so if you want to develop strong legs, Marco come on up for me.

So first of all before you get into weights you should be comfortable with your body weight ok and especially for younger players say you’re 12 years old and you want a start developing strong legs it’s not too early to start. Just start with bodyweight exercises, so Marco come here. Here’s some things you can do squats basic squats and all these exercises think about keeping your chest up and your butt down so shoulder width with your stance there that’s good and just show me a couple of squats so his chest stays up his butt goes down and he’s going down slow every time when he comes up, come up with a little bit of what I like to call controlled power but you’re working on that boom explosive motion. let’s see a couple lunges you can just step to step in and step back again down just developing stronger legs could do things like a single leg deadlift to develop stronger legs and you should be researching these exercise and proper technique on the internet before you’re getting out there and doing it by yourself so you can get a better idea.

okay once you become comfortable then you can go into weights so I just kicked Marco’s butt yesterday his legs are bit sore but we’re going to have him do this so I need to hold this quick press that but that up above your neck so once you become comfortable using your body weight you can move to weights butt down, chest up, good do about 3. Ease into it. Go a bit lower each time. So he’s going down slow and controlled coming up strong good. Why don’t you just turn right here I want you to lunge across the screen. So you need to start with a weight tat you are comfortable with. Don’t have a a big ego get in there and think that you’re super man. Start low on and focus on the proper technique and then you’ll develop the strength ok so I’ll do another video on proper technique.

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Marco why don’t you put the weight down for me you can also do power moves like cleans or clean and jerks Olympic lifts are really good for building strong powerful legs but again chest up butt down. Clean. I’m throwing and catching the weight. Here’s a little more explosive movement or clean and jerk and that sort of thing you can also do things like plyometric. Marco come in here and do a couple squat jumps for us. Just do 3 squat jumps for me. Ok so he’s squatting down really low. jumping up and down as soon as he lands. all about good technique. Just do a couple of lunge jumps.

Okay so in a lunge stance. Power, power, power. get off the ground as high as you can. generating power ok but if you wanna be faster you have to be willing to put in this hard work that most people don’t want to do to make your leags stronger and more powerful that’s going to help you become a faster player. let’s recap quickly before you leave number one mentality always try to push yourself faster believe that you can come become faster and number two your technique think about those three things we really touched on staying lower to the ground get that forward momentum your upper body in front of your lower body pushing the ground with more powerful strides actually pushing the ground behind you and pushing yourself forward and finally number three pumping your arms straight across your body but getting power from your arms rather than just your legs third thing we talked about is building the muscle memory in your legs training yourself to trigger faster so quicker feet quicker acceleration quicker movement if you want to become faster at sprinting well you actually have to practice sprinting I know that seems like a silly thing to say but most of us want to become faster we haven’t practiced sprints ever in our life unless we were forced to by our coach and then finally developing stronger more powerful legs by strength exercises plyometrics or lifting weights day and remember start small and build your way up now I want you start with a very basic thing only three times a week three sets of 10 squats if you think you’re ready for weight then you can start with weight but I want you to do three sets of squats and 10 sprints forty yard sprints that’s all I want to do thats three times a week one day of rest in between do that three times a week three sets of squats and 10 sets of 30 to 40 yard sprints focusing on acceleration and I guarantee in one week you will feel a lot faster thank you for checking out this video please like comment share this video on social media please give me a quick thumbs up in the comment below if you have any questions just let me know I’d love to clear it up for you thank you very much for watching this video on how to get faster how to run faster and how to increase your speed for soccer football

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